You are in The Plantage, the most beautiful and greenest part of Amsterdam!

Here you’ll find verdant parks and a wonderful zoo. Not to mention a wealth of art, science and history museums. A vibrant night life with hip cafés, excellent restaurants and famous theatres. And all in a green neighbourhood, an ideal location to live and work and enjoy. Read all about the latest Plantage exhibitions and events here, or check out our Neighbourhood Manifesto.

New in the Amsterdam Museum: Faces of North Holland

Published on Monday, July 22

For a long time, portraits were only affordable for the wealthiest in society. A painted, drawn or printed portrait was valuable. The vast majority of people were therefore never portrayed, and we therefore do not see them in museum collections. That...

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Zomercadeau van Kayvan Kian

Published on Tuesday, July 16

In de rubriek “Ontmoet……..”, gaan we in gesprek met een Plantagelid om elkaar beter te leren kennen. Deze keer is de beurt aan ondernemer, adviseur en schrijver Kayvan Kian die alle leden zijn (online) boeken cadeau doet voor de zomervakantie! Als be...

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