You are in The Plantage, the most beautiful and greenest part of Amsterdam!

Here you’ll find verdant parks and a wonderful zoo. Not to mention a wealth of art, science and history museums. A vibrant night life with hip cafés, excellent restaurants and famous theatres. And all in a green neighbourhood, an ideal location to live and work and enjoy. Read all about the latest Plantage exhibitions and events here, or check out our Neighbourhood Manifesto.

An asset to Museum ’t Kromhout

Published on Monday, August 8

Museum ’t Kromhout has been able to add a 62 hp 4GSK marine engine with a Brevo gearbox to its collection. The engine comes from a large saloon boat owned by Rederij Amsterdam Sailors, which donated it to the museum. In the coming period, volun...

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Vacation vibe in the Plantage

Published on Tuesday, July 26

What a relaxed holiday atmosphere there is in the Plantage neighbourhood. Children play in the water, local residents hang out in the Ooster- or Wertheim Park and the elderly gather in the garden of the SOOP meeting centre. Not only the parks, but al...

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