Zero Waste Expedition 2021

Published on Monday, May 31News

The participants of the Zero Waste Expedition The Plantage are working together to reduce their residual waste. Despite their closed doors, the group of eight cultural institutions in the Plantagebuurt managed to commit to sustainability in the first quarter of 2021. Together they collected 59% of all waste separately. The residual waste is incinerated in the Netherlands, but the separated raw materials can be reused through waste separation.

Together, the participants saved no less than 26,338 kg of waste from the incinerator! Because this waste is not incinerated, no CO2 is emitted as a result of incineration. As a result, the emission of 6,663 kg of CO2 has been avoided. That is a lot of CO2, roughly comparable to traveling 46,641 km by bus: more than one circle around the earth!

Do you also want to contribute to a circular and future-proof Plantagebuurt? Please contact Ellen van Bureau 8080, the Plantage’s sustainability coordinator: