Your vote for the artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival

Published on Monday, March 1News

Amsterdam Light Festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this winter. In recent years, the city has been illuminated in various ways during the festival. Now you can actually vote which artwork you would really like to see again.

From 10 March you can vote for your favorite light artworks from the past nine editions. For the five works of art with the most votes a location along the sailing route of the upcoming festival will be reserved. In addition, everyone who votes has a chance to win a One Lamp (worth € 3,600), a work of art that Jeroen Henneman designed especially for the festival. In addition, tickets are raffled daily via Instagram for the 10th festival edition.

You can vote via the website from 10 to 20 March. Your vote can be shared online at the touch of a button, so that you can also invite others to vote for your favorites.

You can vote via the website of the Amsterdam Light Festival