Your neighborhood or street from gray to green

Published on Monday, January 2News

De Plantage is perhaps the greenest neighborhood in Amsterdam. But… it can always be even greener. Get to work now for later…..

Are you tired of that gray concrete look and could your street or neighborhood use a refresh? Plan ahead and plant later. With these inspiring and practical tips from IVN you can transform your immediate environment into a green oasis where everything buzzes and whistles.

Get rid of that grey
Especially in cities you see a lot of gray around you: concrete, stones and asphalt determine the picture. Too bad, because that causes a lot of problems. In the summer it can get very hot. The sewer can sometimes no longer cope with enormous downpours and the air quality is not very good. And you as a resident? You experience more stress and health problems. Time for action. Together with other neighbours, you can make your street or neighborhood greener. How? With these tips from IVN you can get started right away.

Green facade garden
Pavement tile out, some compost and greenery in it. It’s that easy. In most municipalities you can remove the paving stones close to your facade and plant them. You can apply for this in the municipality of Amsterdam via the website. Nice options to put in: a climbing rose, flower bulbs, sunflowers, clematis, wisteria, hollyhock and lavender.

Tree mirror garden
Do you have trees in your street? There is a good chance that there is a bare piece of ground around it: the tree mirror. Aren’t the roots too thick? Then this is a perfect place to plant. By combining perennials with flower bulbs and annual flowers, you can enjoy a sea of ​​flowers for a large part of the year. You can apply for this here in the municipality of Amsterdam. Tip: take a look at for the construction of a facade or tree mirror garden.

Make a greening plan
Do you really want to go big? Sit down with a few neighbors and make a greening plan. Everything is possible, such as plant trays, vegetable garden boxes, but also green roofs, a green boundary instead of a wooden fence or fence, flower boxes on street corners, etc. The municipality has a number of options for Nieuw-West, among others, on the website. Also check whether you are entitled to the Postcode Lottery neighborhood fund. Do you live in a social rental home? Involve the housing cooperative in your plans (pdf) and make something beautiful out of it together.

Order a Tuiny Forest together
Are you going for easy? Then order a ready-made Tuiny Forest for your area. This 6m2 mini forest contains beautiful native trees, shrubs and herbs that attract bees, butterflies and other animals.

Feel like it?
Ready to act? Roll up your sleeves and get started! Inspire other people and share your beautiful result on social media with the hashtah #plantmee. And also take a look at the other tips from IVN Nature Education;