Wind turbine on roof UvA De Brug Roeterseiland

Published on Friday, November 12News

The University of Amsterdam hopes to place a wind turbine on the roof of ‘De Brug’, the building above the water of the Nieuwe Achtergracht, this year. In many other buildings of the Roeterseiland complex, the UvA generates sustainable energy with solar panels, but according to project manager Frits Heinz, a wind turbine on this highest roof (46 metres) yields more efficiency because of the strong winds.

For this experiment, the UvA has set its sights on a silent French-made mini-wind turbine that rotates about its vertical axis. The turbine is 4.4 meters high and will be placed in such a way that it will not be visible from nearby buildings. Local residents do not have to worry about noise pollution either, because the turbine produces a maximum of 2 decibels. The university hopes to be able to install the turbine before the end of this year, but is still awaiting an environmental permit required for installation.

Source: website neighborhood organization 1018