What are we eating… tomorrow?

Published on Tuesday, March 28News

Since last month, a new installation about the food of the future has been on display in the ARTIS-Groote Museum.

In the installation, the visitor gains different insights about the preparation, consumption and production of food.

Make the difference with your fork
The installation is part of the ‘Good soil, good health’ zone in the museum. One of the screens in the presentation is about the menu of the future. What do our grandchildren eat? How do we cook for a healthy planet? Five well-known chefs show how they also put a culturally diverse and healthy dish on the table with local and seasonal products. “With your fork you can decide the easiest and make the biggest difference,” says Nadia Zerouali, one of the chefs.

Karlien Pijnenborg (head of the Groote Museum): ‘We want to make the Groote Museum feel that you as a human being are part of nature. Nutrition experts and well-known chefs make the connection between all living things very accessible and bring solutions close by. What you eat gives you the chance to make a sustainable choice every day. Hopefully the installation will inspire our visitors to make choices and enrich their knowledge about the future of food production.’

Groote Museum, Artisplein, Plantage Middenlaan 41