Weesperstraat remains open to cars

Published on Tuesday, February 13News

The arterial road Weesperstraat will not be closed again. This is what traffic councilor Melanie van der Horst said after evaluating the pilot with the so-called ‘Knip’ last summer.

The municipality is looking for alternatives to reduce traffic congestion in the area, writes AT5.

The street was closed to traffic for six weeks in June and July 2023. The municipality wanted to investigate whether the ‘Knip’ would improve air quality and whether it would lead to less noise pollution and more traffic safety. Although the closure led to less car traffic, it also caused problems.

Because the alderman still wants to do something about the council’s desire to reduce traffic in the area, alternatives are being considered, such as a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour or the removal of a roadway.

Source: AT5 and NOS

A report and more information are now also available on the municipality’s website.