Warm sweater day 2021

Published on Sunday, January 31News

Will you participate? February 5th is Warm Sweater Day again; on this day we pay extra attention to energy waste and the environment. It is the 15th time that hundreds of thousands of people put on a warm sweater and turn down the heating on this day. A gesture for a cleaner world and a better climate.
And if you are at home anyway …….

It is simple to participate: turn down the heating, put on an extra warm sweater and save 6% energy and CO2 per degree. If all the people in the Netherlands turn down the heating 1 degree for in 1 day, we will save 6.3 million kilos of CO2! If we do that the entire heating season, we will save no less than 1 megaton of CO2!

You can of course just participate, but you can also show that you participate; register via the website.