Wanted; local poets

Published on Sunday, June 27News

The Friends of the Plantage Association is organizing the annual battle for the Plantage Poetry Prize, for the thirtieth time this year.

The theme of this edition is ‘Question’.

Worldwide we are full of questions. So is poetry. Questions about what you already know, life questions, children’s questions, exam questions, philosophical and ordinary questions, questions we ask Google, a loved one, ourselves. Perhaps every poem is a question at its core. Or a provisional answer that raises another question.

Are there any questions? Just write! Poems can be sent to ppp@vriendenvandepaviljoen.nl until August 15 at the latest.

The awards ceremony will be held on September 18.

All information can be found via this link.

In 2020 Joost Alleblas won the Plantage Poetry Prize. Read his poem ‘The suspicion of war’ in Dutch; ‘Het vermoeden van oorlog’