Walter Süskind Bridge under renovation

Published on Monday, February 7News

The municipality replaces the Walter Süskind Bridge after almost 50 years. The bridge is located on the corner of the Amstel and Nieuwe Herengracht. It was decided to build a copy. An important difference with the current bridge is that the new bridge will have a steel skeleton. This skeleton is packed with wood. As a result, the bridge retains the same appearance, but becomes more operable. The bridge will then also meet current standards and will not have to be completely replaced again in 50 years’ time. Replacing the wooden exterior is then sufficient.

The bridge will be closed to all traffic on Friday 11 February. The plan is to put the bridge back into use before April 27. We also work in 4 weekends.

Accessibility and consequences for traffic

  • Cars, cyclists and pedestrians are diverted via the Weesperstraat and the Magere Brug.
  • The Nieuwe Herengracht remains open for (professional) shipping, except on weekends.

Consequences for the neighbourhood

  • Residents and entrepreneurs in the immediate vicinity of the bridge can experience noise nuisance due to the noise of grinding, drilling and aggregates. Also in the evening and night.
  • Materials and equipment are supplied and removed and cable trenches are being dug near the bridge. This can cause temporary traffic disruption.
  • Parking spaces around the bridge are temporarily made available to the contractor.

Source: Municipality of Amsterdam