Published on Sunday, March 28News

Wherever you live and / or work, you can always walk. April 8 is the Walk-to-Work Day. Now, in the middle of the pandemic, it is a Walk-during-your-Work-day. On Wandelnet.nl you can find great tips for your work-at-home-walking day.

Professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder (who developed the Ommetje app together with the Brain Foundation) explains in a video message how important walking is during your working day. You not only keep your body fit, but also your brain. There is also a test online to see which type of work-at-home-walker you are, and you will find all kinds of projects and toolkits for employers and employees.

With the Walk-During-Your-Work-Day, employees and employers are made aware of the health benefits of exercise during work.