Vote now for the Billie Cup!

Published on Thursday, March 24News

We would like to make disposable cups disappear from the streets with a proven system of reusable cups for the neighborhood!

We can get a subsidy for this through Centrum Begroot, but then we need your vote! Vote for our plan now (no later than April 7th)! We need at least 50 of your votes!

What is it exactly?
Coffee or tea to go, an ice cream for the road, a soup on the street: it is the new normal and unfortunately wandering cups seem to be the same. With the Billie Cup we want to get rid of those disposable cups. The Billie Cup is a system of reusable cups with a 1 euro deposit that has been tested in various cities. You buy your drink or ice cream to go in a deposit cup and you drink your consumption. Then you return your cup to any collection point in De Plantage and you will receive your euro deposit back immediately. It’s that simple.

For whom?
Everyone in De Plantage, whether you live, study, work or visit, can buy and return the Billie Cup. For 50 cents extra you also have your personal lid, which cannot be returned but can be put in your own dishwasher. So hygienic! With this plan we are going to set up intake points at the catering industry, cultural institutions, schools and anyone who sells goodies to go.

The aim is to organize at least 10 release and intake points in De Plantage in the short term.

Do you see it too? Then vote for this plan as soon as possible!