Vierde editie van Collecting the City

Published on Tuesday, February 20News

From February 23, the fourth edition of Collecting the City can be seen in the Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel.

Collecting the City is an exhibition series in which the Amsterdam Museum, together with various communities and organizations, ‘collects’ and presents the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Each edition consists of a number of smaller presentations that together form one exhibition. In this fourth edition we present the following three topics:

Unprecedented Zeedijk, Who owns this street?

In this presentation we bring the Zeedijk to the museum. Co-curator Ravenna Westerhout spoke to 100 residents, entrepreneurs and Amsterdammers from and from around the Zeedijk. Together with artists Neil Fortune, Tja Ling Hu, Susan Kooi and photographer Eveline Renaud she tells their story. This presentation is a follow-up to the neighborhood exhibition that she and a team created on the Zeedijk in 2021 and 2022 on behalf of Amsterdam 750, and in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum.

Barracks Reigersbos, Future Tellers about their neighborhood

Kazerne Reigersbos is a cultural center and creative breeding ground, from and for the neighborhood, in Amsterdam South East. In this presentation we get to know the place and open a workspace for the Future Tellers project. A group of young makers from De Kazerne will be working on an art installation for this project in the coming year. With this they share their vision of the future of their neighborhood.

Museum around the Corner, With masterpieces from the Pianola Museum, Atelier Volten and Bellamy Neighborhood Museum

In the third edition of Museum om de Hoek we see neighborhood stories told by the Pianola Museum, Atelier Volten and Bellamy Buurtmuseum. They introduce us to the self-playing piano, visual artist André Volten and the residents of the Bellamybuurt, including the artists of Atelier Meister-Scauso and the people behind the Zimmerhoeve city farm.

Collecting the City; storys of the city, Amsterdam Museum aan de Amstel, Amstel 51