To swimm in the neighborhood

Published on Monday, July 10News

Warm weather? Take a dip, outdoors or indoors; it is possible in Eastern Amsterdam…

It was really hot last month. And it might also be a warm summer. Fortunately there are many opportunities to go swimming in the Eastern neighborhood. Outside when the weather is nice and inside when the weather is a bit less. In open water, in the pool, it’s all there. In Amsterdam-East there are two official swimming spots in the open water. On the Oost-online website, they have listed those and other swimming spots for a refreshing dip. We highlighted a few below.

  • Amstel – along the Weesperzijde  You can swim in various places in the Amstel. You can easily enter the water on the long strip next to the terrace of Café Hesp. Or go to the Weesperzijde/Berlagebrug, where you can walk straight into the water (at Roeicentrum Berlagebrug). Watch out for the boats when you swim in the Amstel, which can be dangerous.
  • Marineterrein – popular You can swim in front of Pension Homeland. Complete with scaffolding and stairs to get out again. And a nice lawn for a picnic. It is not yet an official swimming spot. For this, the water quality must be measured for two years and must be good.
  • Entrepotdok – special Swimming with a view of elephants and giraffes, it is possible! In the Entrepotdok there are a few small jetties for sunbathing and jumping from. Beware: many boats also pass by here.
  • Oosterpark – for children In the Oosterpark you will find the busy paddling pool for children. There is a play set with anti-slip coating and climbing grips. Around the pool is a large grassy meadow where you can sunbathe and have a picnic. At the terrace of Hotel Arena there is a rock with a fountain, children can also cool off there.

Swimming in an unofficial place?
Then take the risks into account:

  • Swimming in the canals is dangerous because of the boats that sail there. As a swimmer you might not be seen.
  • Don’t jump off bridges into canal water either.
  • Do not swim in ditches and canals after a heavy rain shower. There may be water from the sewer in the canal water.
  • Do not swim in places where ships sail or near a pumping station, lock or water treatment plant. Or near industry.
  • Do not swim near dead animals such as fish or birds or where there is a lot of bird droppings. Do not touch dead animals.

Source of this information: website Oost-online