Tips for sustainable holidays

Published on Wednesday, November 16News

Every year we give tips on how to make the holidays as sustainable as possible. There are now many tips for environmentally friendly celebrations and decorations on the internet; we honestly don’t have much to add to that 😍 💚.

To save you the search, below you will find some general tips for the Christmas tree, decorations and gifts. Use it to your advantage!

The Christmas tree

  • Do you want a real tree? This way you can do that as sustainably as possible; adopt a tree and bring it back after Christmas! These adoption trees are all grown organically
  • Do you have a Christmas tree with root ball? Take him to the Christmas Tree Shelter after the holidays and pick him up again next year!
  • Buy a certified organic tree that has been grown free of fertilizers and chemical pesticides.
  • Find out from which country the tree comes from and whether the tree is transported emission-free. A change in the market starts with asking questions.
  • Also consider how you will transport the Christmas tree yourself. The car ride is sometimes the most polluting. Save your Christmas tree from the incinerator and have it recycled. You can do this on the municipality’s website.
  • Don’t forget to remove all decorations from the tree and put it bare at the collection point. This way, the municipality can process it into compost in a sustainable way.
  • Do not use angel hair or artificial snow, otherwise it will end up in the environment.

Alternative to the Christmas tree

  • A wooden Christmas tree is available in many garden centers and furniture stores.
  • You can also give a second life to an artificial tree from the thrift store.
  • More tips about a Christmas tree that is as sustainable as possible or alternatives can be found here and here.
  • If you focus on decoration, you may not need a tree anymore. We repeat this tip for inspiration;


  • If you go shopping for decorations, buy 100% paper decorations, confetti, streamers, etc. Avoid plastic, glittery confetti, and spray snow, especially if you’re using the decoration outside.
  • Many thrift stores also have Christmas sections!
  • Crafting your own Christmas decorations from sustainable material is fun.


  • Sustainable gifts; you just have to look around the internet and you will find them; no-waste, eco, sustainable and more.
  • General tips: plastic is not done, choose toys or gifts made from sustainable materials such as wood, paper, flax or recycled and recyclable fabrics. You can also buy toys very well second-hand.
  • Also consider gifts for the garden.
  • Go for quality and avoid batteries.
  • What you get up close is the most sustainable! Look around the neighborhood for Christmas and gift packages. And buy at a thrift store or second-hand store.
  • Team De Plantage has ordered seed paper from Greengiving, where you can also find all kinds of sustainable gifts. You can also look at
  • And how about a tree as a gift?
  • If you are going to pack, take a look at this original way of packing.
  • A gift that does good for the world is appreciated; such as a donation to Doctors Without Borders.

Christmas dinner

  • Try to keep the Christmas menu as sustainable as possible by choosing vegetarian/vegan, local products and seasonal products.
  • Get your groceries close by.
  • Do you like atmospheric candles? Many candles are made from petroleum and that is not good for our planet. Fortunately, there are more and more sustainable candles for sale. Or use LED candles or other (LED) lighting such as rechargeable tea lights.

Many other good tips for the Christmas tree, Christmas cards, dinner, bubbles, gifts, wrapping paper, and Christmas decorations can be found on the internet.

Let’s make the holidays as sustainable as possible this year!

Do you have any tips? Tell us. Enjoy the preparation!