TIP Treats from the Jewish kitchen at synagogue

Published on Monday, August 30Tips

In the courtyard of the Portuguese Synagogue is an old-fashioned market stall full of goodies from the Jewish kitchen, the Synagogue market stall. It has been officially in use for a few weeks now!

The market stall is in the courtyard of the synagogue from April through September, between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Rosh Hashanah. It is a serene place, and that tranquility had to be preserved.

That is why we opted for an old-fashioned market stall, says Roland Vos, manager of the Museum Café of the Jewish Historical Museum and the Synagogue market stall. He sees the market stall as a valuable addition to the museum: ‘When the weather is nice, people prefer to be outside. While the Museumcafé is inside, the market stall is out in the open!’ Perfect for the summer and for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the sun. All refreshments sold in the market stall are kosher. There is a kashrut certificate.

So if you are in the area, if you feel like a delicious traditional snack and a chat with one of the many volunteers who serve at the market stall, and if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet in the synagogue now that there are few tourists, come by!

Synagogue market stall, April to September, Portuguese Synagogue courtyard, Mr. Visserplein 3.

More information on the website of the Jewish Cultural Quarter.