Three ‘botanical’ walks through Amsterdam city parks.

Published on Wednesday, July 21News

This week the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is launching three educational nature walks in the Hortus App. This time not through their botanical garden, but through Amsterdam city parks and forests. The routes give more depth to a walk through the park with historical and botanical stories.

These three routes go through the Flevopark, the Wertheimpark and the Vliegenbos. The stories have been collected in collaboration with the Friends’ Associations of the parks. Hikers can download these routes in the free Hortus App.

The routes are regularly adjusted so that special seasonal bloomers also receive attention. Currently, they are working on a walk through the Beatrix Park. De Hortus hopes that other parks and forests in Amsterdam will follow. These first routes are made possible in part by the NME fund of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

The Hortus App can be downloaded for free via:
> The App store.
> The Google Play Store.