The Zero Waste Expedition Plantage is going to collect PMD

Published on Monday, November 16News

The Zero Waste Expedition Plantage, the collective in which participants work towards reducing their residual waste, is on its way to Zero Waste for a few years now. The goal is to achieve Zero Waste status by 2022. This means that 84% of the waste is collected separately. The collective is currently in good shape, with 40% residual waste.

If we reduce residual waste, less waste ends up in the incinerator. By separately collecting waste flows, such as paper, they can be reused as raw materials. In this way we are working towards a circular Plantage-neigborhood.

Plans for this year
This year, the participants are taking steps in the field of PMD. PMD stands for plastic, metal and beverage cartons. If this waste is collected separately, it can serve as an excellent raw material flow. Seperate collecting of PMD is an important step to achieve the objective. A number of participants of the collective have already started this: the Royal Tropical Institute, the National Opera and Ballet and the Maritime Museum. Other participants, such as the Hortus Botanicus, have started an internal study into how this waste can best be collected.

The neighborhood benefits
In addition to reducing waste, the Zero Waste Expedition Plantage also benefits the quality of life and safety in the neighborhood. Electric boats are used to transport the raw materials. This leads to fewer transport movements through the neighborhood.

Want to know more or join? For more information about ZWEP, please visit this Chainels service page. Would you like to join the Zero Waste Expedition Plantage with your organization or company? Let us know, so that we can look at the possibilities together. Please contact