The Rembrandt House Museum reopens!

Published on Wednesday, March 1News

The Rembrandt House Museum reopens on March 18 after a major three-month renovation; this will be celebrated with Rembrandt’s masterpiece of his own son Titus and an exhibition on drawing art.

Titus is back home
The young Titus van Rijn stares dreamily over the edge of his desk. Father Rembrandt caught his eye in 1655, when he lived with his family in a stately building on the Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam. Nearly 400 years later, Titus has been brought back home. It is the first time ever that this famous masterpiece by Rembrandt can be seen in the place where it was made, in Museum Rembrandthuis.
Titus is back home can be seen from March 18 to June 4, 2023

The renewed museum
Nowhere in the world can you get closer to Rembrandt than in the Rembrandt House Museum, which now shows 30% more Rembrandt; five new museum spaces have been added, including an epilogue room, an etching attic and a third exhibition hall. In this new, third exhibition hall, the museum now temporarily organizes drawing workshops using 17th-century techniques and materials.

Exhibition on Drawing Art
The exhibition Drawing; 74 drawings by Rembrandt, Bol, Maes and others. The Peck Collection, Ackland Art Museum (USA) comprises a collection of 17th-century Dutch drawings, brought together by the collector couple Dr. Sheldon Peck and Dr. Leena Peck. In 2016 they donated their unparalleled collection to the Ackland Art Museum. The works of art belong to the absolute best in the world due to their quality and beauty. This collection can be seen for the first time in Europe, on the spot where Rembrandt himself made his drawings.
The Drawing Art exhibition can be seen from 18 March to 11 June 2023.

Take a look over Rembrandt’s shoulder
Thanks to the new multimedia tour, Rembrandt’s house and the seventeenth century really come to life. You follow the life story of Rembrandt, from his move into the building as an ambitious celebrity artist, to his forced departure due to an accumulation of debts. Etching and painting demonstrations are also given daily. At the place where Rembrandt creates his masterpieces, in the studio, you can see how the artist made his paint. You can discover Rembrandt’s etching techniques in the new etching attic. It’s like looking over the artist’s shoulder.

Museum Rembrandthuis, from 18 March, Jodenbreestraat 4