The Rembrandt House Museum renews

Published on Monday, April 11News

Exciting news for The Rembrandt House Museum: the start date for the renovation has been announced! In November 2022, the museum will close for three months to make plans for a more accessible, more complete, multi-voiced and more sustainable museum become a reality.

The museum is planning a major renovation.The so-called Master Plan provides for renovation of the building, renewal of installations and a renewed museum layout. The museum wants to offer an optimal experience that meets the wishes of today’s general public; young and old, national and international. There will be better facilities in the building and 30% more public space, in order to continue to receive the increasing number of visitors well and hospitably.

What exactly are we going to do?
Five new spaces will be added to the existing museum, which will ensure that visitors can experience Rembrandt’s story more intensely. We will also bring the popular ‘etching’ and ‘paint preparation’ workshops back to a specially designed space, we will create both a prologue and epilogue space where the story of Rembrandt’s bankruptcy and the history of the house are told, and there will be a third exhibition hall. In addition, we want to develop a renewed, polyphonic multimedia tour in twelve languages, which offers the visitor even more insights into Rembrandt and his time.

Also on the practical side, adjustments are needed in the museum: for example, the climate control system is being tackled and we are replacing the museum lighting with LED lamps.

More information about our so-called Master Plan can be found here.

The Rembrandt House Museum, Jodenbreestraat 4