The lions will remain in ARTIS

Published on Friday, February 5News

The lions will remain in ARTIS for the time being. This is the result of the decision of the management of the French park not to take over the group of lions from ARTIS. This morning the management of ARTIS discussed the decision with the management of the French park. The outcome of the discussion was that the ARTIS lions will not continue their lives in the French park. Their relocation, which would be completed in the middle of this month, has unexpectedly been canceled.

“We were committed to carrying out the agreements we had made with the French about the arrival of our lions in their park,” says ARTIS director Rembrandt Sutorius.

“We think it’s a great pity that it is now suddenly canceled. We had carefully prepared the move in the absolute belief that we had found a good place for our lions. Unfortunately, despite previous information and agreements, the accommodation is not available. The French park has apologized for this. Nevertheless, we are baffled about this, we now have to rethink the future of the lions. We have agreed to dissolve the agreements made in a good relationship. Moreover, it is also not in the interest of our lions to challenge this decision in any way. ”

The ARTIS director does not want to anticipate what will happen to the lions in the (near) future. “We haven’t even recovered from the shock yet. The fact remains that our financial situation is still worrying, ”says Sutorius.