The best Techlab is unfortunately closing its doors!

Published on Tuesday, March 29News

JetBrains Techlab on the Amsterdam Plantage Middenlaan unfortunately announces that it has to close its doors. From the start, JetBrains joined our network with their educational gallery Techlab. She created a place in our neighborhood where people and technology met and where you could experience how technology could make the world a better place.

Because of the corona restrictions, they have only partly been able to convey their love for learning, sense of wonder and desire to create the future of technology. The past 2 years have been a great adventure for Alexandr and his team with beautiful but also challenging moments. They organised 3700+ rides on Birdly (visitors flew among the dinosaurs, over New York’s Time Square, or with turtles in the ocean), took Spot for 50km of walks along the streets of Amsterdam, and drank 5465 cups of coffee! Still, unfortunantely it wasn’t enough to continue.

We would like to thank Alexandr and his team for the great cooperation and wish them all the best