The ARTIS-Groote Museum celebrates its 1st anniversary

Published on Thursday, May 11News

80,000 visitors have visited the museum in the past year.

On 12 May it is exactly one year ago that the ARTIS-Groote Museum reopened. The Groote Museum is a place where visitors experience similarities with all other life on earth. Not only by looking but also by smelling, feeling, tasting and hearing.

“Ageless interactive”
The vast majority of visitors indicate that they have learned something new in the museum. ‘Timeless interactive, makes you think about major themes and holds up a mirror’, according to a visitor. After a visit, about half of the visitors are more aware of the role that we as humans play in nature. The desire to return and experience something new is therefore high, namely 80%

ARTIS 185 years
This month it is 185 years ago that the Zoological Society Natura Artis Magistra was founded. The Hoofdgebouw, where the current ARTIS-Groote Museum is located, was the first building for the members of the society in 1855. The first floor was set up as a museum. Members could study nature arranged in display cases and cupboards full of objects, such as shells, skulls and stuffed animals. People then saw themselves as outsiders: we are here and nature is there. The ARTIS-Groote Museum now offers a new perspective and lets you experience that you are connected to everything that lives.

Due to the 185th anniversary, all visitors with their ARTIS-Park ticket are also welcome in the ARTIS-Groote Museum and ARTIS-Micropia in May.

ARTIS-Groote Museum, Plantage Middenlaan 41