Sustainable purchasing in the Plantage neighborhood

Published on Tuesday, June 1News

Fortunately, more and more shops, cafes and cultural institutions are (almost) reopening. We are all looking forward to it! This does mean however that there will be more traffic through the neighbourhood again, with exhaust fumes, congestion and other disadvantages as a result.

A number of companies and museums in the Plantagebuurt want to try to prevent this as much as possible. For example, we are currently working hard on the possibility of jointly purchasing office products from the same wholesaler. A step-by-step plan is also prepared for the delivery of these products to the city center with clean vehicles, so that the air remains cleaner.

Because this wholesaler mainly sells sustainable items, the purchased items will therefore become increasingly ‘green’. We even strive to be circular with a number of products. This means, for example, that toilet paper can be made from a discarded coffee cup in the Plantage, which is then used at companies and museums in the Plantagebuurt. In short, by working together we can ensure that the Plantagebuurt remains liveable and clean and that sustainable products are chosen.

Do you also want to contribute to a circular and future-proof Plantagebuurt? Please contact Ellen van Bureau 8080, the Plantage’s sustainability coordinator: