Sustainable gift tips for the holidays

Published on Tuesday, October 31News

The holidays are comming soon, so this is the perfect time to think about sustainable gift options.

Amsterdam offers plenty of opportunities to celebrate the holidays in a sustainable way. Whether you choose local products, exchanging gifts or environmentally friendly packaging. We would like to share some inspiring ideas from the neighborhood with you.

Local and secondhand shopping
Buy a traditional product or sustainable gift from our local entrepreneurs in the Plantage neighborhood or rent (and give) a work of art via Outsider Art Gallery. Score beautiful vintage items at OnleyDesirables on Czaar Peterstraat or visit Waterlooplein for unique finds, from clothing to books and antiques.

Toy Swap Market / Recycle Party
The “Recycle event” concept has gained popularity in recent years. Instead of buying brand new gifts, you can participate in all kinds of exchange/recycle events in the neighborhood, in Amsterdam or during a self-organized one with friends and family. Everyone brings an item they no longer need and trades it with others. This not only provides a sustainable way to give and receive gifts, but it also reduces waste. The next major toy exchange market is Motherhood on November 24 to 26 in the Hallen (Amsterdam West).

The Swip Swap site, among others, shows where each exchange event takes place, a toolbox to organize your own exchange party and an app with which you can give toys a second life.

Sustainable Packing
After you have found the perfect sustainable gift, you can also pay attention to sustainable packaging. Use recycled (gift) paper from magazines or newspapers or use beautiful fabrics to wrap your gifts. At Wereldmuseum Amsterdam they explain various Japanese (furoshiki) folding techniques online.

Finally, a tip: the National Maritime Museum organizes a toys/books and children’s clothing event on Green Friday.

And how about a theater ticket gift; National Opera & Ballet recently won a sustainability award, so with a gift like this you are actually doubly sustainable!