Surprise aid workers Doctors without Borders with a card

Published on Tuesday, November 30News

What a beautiful Christmas gesture from Doctors Without Borders; join!

It’s Giving Tuesday! This day is all about doing something good for someone else. As our first responders do every day. They are available 365 days a year for people in need. Their work also continues during the holidays. How nice would it be to give something back?

Let us hear from you!
We all know how nice it is to receive a personal card. It would be great if we could overload our aid workers with Christmas cards from the Netherlands. Let’s surprise them together! Because it is only thanks to their efforts, and your support, that people worldwide will receive the medical help they so desperately need.

Click here to surprise someone with your personal card.

Sincerely, ​​​​​​​Team Doctors Without Borders