Space around Slavery Monument Oosterpark will be redesigned

Published on Sunday, August 6News

Stadsdeel Oost, together with the National Institute of the Dutch Slavery History and Heritage (NiNsee), will redesign the space around the slavery monument in Oosterpark. The monument is located opposite the main entrance of the OLVG East, where it will remain.

The space around the monument will be improved so that it becomes a worthy place to reflect on the slavery past all year round and will also be suitable for major events. The intention is to complete the new design before the Keti Koti commemoration in 2025.

Part of the park
The place must become more part of the park, there must be fixed seating areas and the entrance must be recognizable and match the monument. In addition, the site must be resistant to large amounts of rain and the space around the monument must become more green than gray. Trees are preserved as much as possible and other plants, shrubs and flowers are added.

In the coming year, the municipality will start making a concrete design together with NiNsee, entrepreneurs and the neighborhood. The intention is to start the implementation the following year so that the renovation work is completed before the Keti Koti commemoration of 2025. In November this year, the budget requested in the municipal spring memorandum for this quality improvement will be definitively determined by the municipal council.

More information on the municipality’s website.