Share your Museum card!

Published on Tuesday, March 28News

Everyone who has a Museum card knows how nice it is to be able to spontaneously enter and visit almost any museum for free. There are no fewer than 1.4 Museum Card holders in the Netherlands!

But that also means that there are about 12 million adults who do not yet have a Museum Card. And that is why the Museum Association is organizing a fun campaign during the National Museum Week from 1 to 7 April.

Normally, a Museum Card is personal, but in this week you can borrow Museum Cards from others and lend Museum Cards to others as much as you want.

So you don’t have a card? Grab one from your brother or sister, your neighbor or your parents, and pick up your favorite museum for free!

Do you want to know which museums are located in the Plantage neighborhood? Then view our website!

Always check the website of the museum whether the Museum card is valid!

Photo: Just reopened: The Rembrandt House! (photo: The Portrait Office).

It is National Museum Week from 1 to 7 April.