ROUTE Care and Science in the Plantage neighborhood

Published on Monday, April 19Routes

In the Plantage neighborhood you will find many large, monumental buildings. Many of these are built or used by healthcare or science organizations. In the neighborhood people cared for vagrants, homeless people and (Jewish) handicapped or otherwise disabled people, the elderly and children; they received housing, help or care in these monumental buildings. Take a walk and follow the Care and Science route in the Plantage neighborhood (only in Dutch).

You will discover how caring for the vulnerable in society is rooted in this neighborhood. The walk starts at the Sint Anthoniesluis near the Jodenbreestraat, where the Leprozenpoort reminds of the Leprozenhuis. Then you walk past the former Portuguese Israelite Hospital, the Dr. Sarphatihuis and De Jood Invalide, later the Weesperplein Hospital. The walk ends in the Sarphatistraat, where the Emma Children’s Hospital, the Spinoza Clinic and the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital were located close to each other.

Here you can find the Care and Science walking route in the Plantage neighborhood. The route is in Dutch only.