Rondleidingen Nationale Opera & Ballet

Published on Wednesday, April 26News

A unique look behind the scenes….

Always wanted to know what happens in and behind the scenes of a large theater company? Dutch National Opera & Ballet creates opera and ballet performances from A to Z in-house. During a 75-minute tour – which is given in Dutch – an enthusiastic guide will let you experience this magical world behind the scenes.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet is home to Dutch National Ballet, Dutch National Opera, the Junior Company and Dutch National Opera Studio. In addition, the theater itself houses the studios for props, costumes and hair & make-up, as well as many studios for technique and production. Almost everything for the performances is made here. The theater on Waterlooplein is therefore a vibrant environment of craftsmanship and passion for opera and ballet.

During the 75-minute tour you will see and experience the special world behind the screen. Meanwhile, the guide will tell you the ins & outs of our theatre. He or she will take you to various workshops and studios and to the largest stage in Europe, all places that are normally not accessible to visitors. This way you get the chance to taste the dynamics behind the scenes.

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