Renewal of presentation on replica East Indiaman Amsterdam

Published on Monday, September 25News

The National Maritime Museum will expand the presentation on the ship in the coming years with polyphonic maritime histories and stories. The first innovations can already be seen.

This summer, the first new storyline with new text boards was added, because the museum felt that visitors were not given enough information about the trade history of the Dutch East India Company and the violence that accompanied it. With input from experts and the public, the museum will continue to work towards a new story on the ship in 2023 and 2024.

Since this summer, new text boards with illustrations by Anna June have been on board. These signs tell about life on board, the construction of the replica and the history of the VOC and colonial history. Within this last topic, attention is paid to the involvement of the Dutch East India Company in slavery, and the oppression and violence that accompanied trade in Asia.

In the phased redevelopment, the museum also involves external experts with knowledge of colonial maritime history. And during a museum visit, the public is invited to share their thoughts about the ship: What does the ship mean to them and what would they like to know more about? The proceeds from this call form the basis for discussions about further innovations. Input can also be given online.

A next phase
In the coming years, visitors will encounter more and more new stories on the ship, including a new audio tour in 2024, an update of the VR experience and various new interactive elements on board. The museum will also invite contemporary makers more often for interventions that invite more reflection, such as the presentation Decoding the Atlantic World, the signal flags of which can still be seen on the ship.

The National Maritime Museum, Kattenburgerplein 1

Photos; Twycer