Rembrandt Sutorius new chairman of our neighborhood network

Published on Wednesday, June 16News

Rembrandt Sutorius is not only director of ARTIS, but also the new chairman of neighborhood network De Plantage. Rembrandt likes to introduce himself to you;

Dear neighborhood enthusiasts/members of De Plantage,
I have lived in the Plantagebuurt for about two and a half years. A neighborhood that I am getting to know better and better and which I also enjoy every day as a privileged resident. From the Oosterpark to the Portuguese Synagogue, from Carré to the Entrepotdok and everything in between and adjacent to it. You don’t have to leave our neighborhood to swim in the canal, have a delicious lunch on the Artisplein, delve into the history of Amsterdam, and go to the movies, the pub or the theater in the evening. It really is an oasis full of greenery, art and culture.

It is special that as chairman of ‘De Plantage’ I can make a contribution to this green, relaxed neighbourhood, which is also at the forefront of its interconnectedness. As a neighborhood network, De Plantage is committed to the neighbourhood. With 19 cultural institutions, 36 entrepreneurs and 4 residents’ associations, there is already a lot of clout available to make the Plantage greener, more sustainable, more interesting and more social. And, after a year where everything went differently, I hope that we can really achieve these ambitions together in the coming years.

I envision a neighborhood that is becoming even greener, with initiatives such as the redevelopment of the Plantage Middenlaan, creating more space for greenery, cyclists and pedestrians. A neighborhood where organizations and residents work together towards a sustainable economy in areas such as purchasing, energy, waste and mobility. Initiatives such as disposing of waste by water, or energy between institutions, fit in very well with this. A neighborhood that attracts visitors who appreciate and respect this. And I envision a neighborhood with even more interconnectedness, where we know where to find each other. Whether it concerns special promotions for each other, by each other, or about the physical development of our neighbourhood.

Despite the unprecedented time we are still in, and in which many of us have been touched, I look to the future with confidence and hope. I look forward to making the Plantagebuurt a little more beautiful every time with all our members, and with the municipality.

See you soon in De Plantage, Rembrandt Sutorius