Rebranding, but with the same mission

Published on Monday, April 4News

With this new name, they are clearer about what they stand for: cultivating a happy environment. Green Value Creation and the Green City Buzz Foundation have now been brought together in Blooming Buildings.

Their mission remains unchanged: to show how good greenery improves and makes the urban environment more sustainable! They stand for green that works, bursting with creativity and supported by management so that it always remains good.

Through Booming Business, they create healthy, green offices, shops and workplaces that make your business thrive. Aligning extraordinary planting with your style and identity. The result: an environment where employees and customers do not want to leave.

They combine their green specialisations with Warm Welcomes to create a dazzling first impression, where facade greenery, facade borders or planters flow smoothly into an indoor planting.

Sustainable streets ensure greening, an essential part of a sustainable city. The call for climate adaptation in cities requires a proactive approach. Blooming Buildings helps governments, entrepreneurs, and organisations to convert sustainable ambitions into green areas that attract visitors.

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