Put on a warm sweater on February 11th

Published on Monday, January 17News

Put on an extra warm sweater on Friday 11 February, or come up with a nice promotion for visitors or customers that day; because then it will be Warm Sweater Day again. We can still include your action in the neighborhood newsletter until 31 January at the latest.

You can of course just knit a sweater yourself, or put on an extra warm one. But you can also think of something nice for customers or employees; hot chocolate or soup for everyone who comes to work with a sweater, where the heating is a degree lower; or a knitting or crochet café in your restaurant. Also tackle energy waste and participate in this climate action. Check the website for inspiration, everyone can participate.

About 200,000 people participate every year. And participating is simple: turn down the heating, put on an extra warm sweater and save 6% energy and CO2 per degree. If the whole of the Netherlands burns 1 degree lower in 1 day, we will save 6.3 million kilos of CO2! If we do this for an entire heating season, we will save no less than 1 megaton of CO2!

Check out the website for more inspiration.