Portrait competition Faces of North Holland

Published on Monday, February 5News

Participate and who knows, your portrait might soon hang in our museums!

The Frans Hals Museum and the Amsterdam Museum are joining forces for the ‘Faces of North Holland’ exhibitions, in which the ‘faces and stories of today’ from the province are shown. Historical portraits in museums tell interesting stories and bring the past to life. But the time of these works of art lays far behind us, and yet we do not always see them reflected in museums. That’s why it’s time for fresh faces and new stories. Because to be heard, you also have to be seen. And we need YOU to participate!

The portrait competition is an invitation to everyone to capture ‘the faces of today’ in North Holland; think of a photo, video, poem, audio, or anything else – you have complete freedom! Whether you have experience or not, everyone is welcome to participate and submit a (group) portrait!

There are four price categories. The winners will not only receive a cash prize, but also a special place in the ‘Faces of North Holland’ exhibitions in the Amsterdam Museum in 2024 and in the Frans Hals Museum in 2025.

Who best portrays the faces and stories of today? The four prize winners are selected by an expert jury and by online public voting. The jury consists of Babs Gons (Poet Laureate), Sioe Jeng Tsao (illustrator and writer), Raquel van Haver (artist), Marwan Magroun (Photographer Laureate), Aukje Dekker (visual artist) and Jan Hoek (photographer and artist).

Four portraits will be awarded prizes, and the prizes are.…The winners will receive a place of honor in the exhibitions in the Amsterdam Museum (2024) and the Frans Hals Museum (2025), and will also receive a cash prize per category:

  • Best group portrait: €1,000
  • Best individual portrait: €1,000
  • Audience Award: €500
  • Youth Prize: €500

But that’s not all! In addition to the winning portraits, the other submitted portraits will also have the opportunity to be included in the exhibitions:

Amsterdam Museum: July 27 to November 11, 2024
Frans Hals Museum: April 3 to August 17, 2025

Duration of portrait competition: February 5 to May 12, 2024
For more information, visit the website.

Amsterdam Museum at the Amstel, Amstel 51