Plantage Middenlaan final bicycle street

Published on Monday, May 8News

The current, temporary situation in the Plantage Middenlaan, in which the cycle paths in part of the street are closed and cyclists use the roadway, will become permanent. The board of the Centrum district made this commitment to the members of the Centrum district committee (SDC) at the beginning of April. Depending on the costs, a variant will be chosen in which the lane must be shared by cyclists with motorists or a variant in which cars will use the tramway.

The discussion in the district committee took place on the initiative of committee member Michel van Wijk of Bewoners Amsterdam, who concluded that the temporary closure of the cycle paths due to the work on the Hollandsche Schouwburg and the Holocaust Museum had had a positive effect on road safety.

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Source and photo; News from 1018 – Neighborhood organization 1018