Plan for homes, jobs and city park at Marineterrein

Published on Monday, January 3News

If it is up to the municipality, the Marineterrein will become a green, sustainable neighborhood with about 800 homes, more than 2,000 jobs and a city park on Oosterdok. You can respond to current plans until January 17, 2022.

The Marineterrein, located on the east side of the center of Amsterdam, was in use from 1655 by the Admiralty of Amsterdam and its successor, the Royal Netherlands Navy. Now that Defense is largely withdrawing from the terrain, it becomes available for the city. The plan is to build an innovative urban district there. In its own words, the municipality devises and tests new solutions for urban issues together with education, science and business.

Living, working, sports
The new district has room for approximately 800 homes, ranging from social to (medium) expensive rental and owner-occupied homes. In addition, there is room for 2,300 jobs for smaller innovative companies and for approximately 1,400 students and teaching staff. There will also be a lot of space for art and culture. Defense will remain present with a compact barracks and a sports field, where a helicopter can land, but where residents can also exercise. However, no less than 70 percent of the site remains undeveloped.

Sustainable from the start
The new buildings are gasless from the start. This is also the ambition for existing buildings. The energy management of the buildings is climate neutral in the long term. In the plans for the area, all waste will be used in a circular manner and there will also be a circular system for drinking water. The basic principle for construction is that there is minimal environmental impact and existing materials are reused.

Keeping history and greenery
The new neighborhood is located in a green, water-rich and car-free environment, with a park on the water of the Oosterdok. The monumental Poortgebouw and other iconic buildings, such as the former carpentry workshop, the Officers’ Building and the Commandant’s House, will be preserved. Just like trees that have been there for a long time and that determine the image.

Your opinion
The consultation period is until January 17, 2022. During this period, everyone can give their opinion about the plans; the website tells you how. Based on the consultation, the memorandum will be amended and presented to the municipal council. This is expected in the second half of 2022.

Knowing more
The concept note and more information about the consultation procedure can be found on