Outsider Art Gallery

Published on Monday, June 28News

If you are looking for fascinating and versatile art, visit the Outsider Art Gallery in the Hermitage. The gallery is a member of the neighborhood network De Plantage and is hidden in a corner of the beautiful green Hoftuin, just to the right of the Hermitage. Here they show and sell work by contemporary outsider artists from home and abroad. These artists are ‘different’, usually have no art training and are outside the mainstream art world. Some have a mental or intellectual disability. They have in common that they celebrate their inner urge to create, without being concerned with commercial objectives or knowledge of existing art movements. And that’s what makes their art so interesting.

Now on display
The work of Yair Aa is currently on display. He uses his art to tell stories about his daily life, his (family) past and Jewish identity. On Thursday 1 July he will be present in the gallery from 2 pm to 3 pm for a meet & greet.

Outsider Art Gallery is an initiative of care organization Cordaan, the Hermitage Amsterdam and Museum van de Geest Haarlem.

Outsider Art Galerie, Neerlandiaplein 7