Online tour of the Rembrandt House

Published on Monday, January 3News

Take a personal tour of Rembrandt’s monumental house online now

The museum has developed a virtual tour for people who cannot come to Het Rembrandthuis on Jodenbreestraat. You visit the unique museum with a virtual 360 experience. In ultra-sharp image quality, you will be personally guided through the rooms of Rembrandt’s historic house and get to know the artist better.

On the sidewalk in front of the museum you will be welcomed by a tour guide of your choice. Adults are given a tour by Lidewij de Koekkoek, director of Museum Het Rembrandthuis. Especially for young people there is a tour by Julia Alvares. They show you Rembrandt’s house and tell you about the personal life of Rembrandt, his family, his clients and his students.

Then you can click on interactive elements yourself and discover even more. In the etching room you can watch a demonstration of how Rembrandt made his etchings. In Rembrandt’s studio you will learn how the artist prepared his own paint. Those who prefer to view some works of art up close can visit the print room. A visit to Rembrandt’s small office is unique: you cannot enter this space in the museum, but you can virtually. Start the tour

“We deliberately opted for two guided tours instead of an empty, virtual museum,” explains Lidewij de Koekkoek. This makes the 360 ​​experience richer and more personal. The story of Rembrandt’s house is also personal: the artist experienced joy and sorrow, success and loss. In the coming years we will add even more tour guides with their own perspectives to the 360 ​​experience, as well as more stories and interactive elements.’

The wonderful 360 experience of Museum Het Rembrandthuis has been developed in collaboration with Moyosa Media, which has developed similar concepts for the National Gallery London and many major brands worldwide.

Source; East online