Niet geschoten, altijd mis; prachtige foto’s van Capital C

Published on Monday, February 14News

Sometimes we don’t see how beautiful our own neighborhood is……… but when we see the pictures….. 😊

De Plantage is a photogenic neighbourhood; full of greenery, monuments, parks and gardens, museums and theatres, cozy restaurants and cafes with expansive terraces.

Suzan Baars from Bright Light Photography is a professional photographer and member of our network; she also shoots for our neighborhood network. She can often be found nearby; for photos of museums, institutions and other clients. She captures hidden gems, common hotspots, well-known and sometimes less accessible monuments.

She takes beautiful photos and shares them with us, for our photo archive. We didn’t want to withhold you from this new series from Capital C.

If you have a photo assignment in the area, then you have come to the right place. You can find her in Chainels. Or take a look at her website.