New exhibitions in Amsterdam Museum

Published on Sunday, July 2News

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there is so much to see in the Amsterdam Museum, we highlight two for you. And join a queer gaza tour with Sierra Durgaram based on objects from the current exhibitions.

She who saw beautiful things
Musician and artist ANOHNI presents the legacy of Julia, an intersex mathematician from Tokyo, and Erika Yasuda, Julia’s wife. Erika captured their love in a series of special photos. This exhibition shows their legacy, supplemented by ANOHNI’s own video, photography and hand-painted silk. Together, the works reflect a carefully composed vision of femininity and androgyny.

40 years after the death of Kerwin
Since 1984, the iconic statue Mama Baranka, by Nelson Carrilho, has been in the Vondelpark. The image is also called the first anti-racist image, as it was made in response to the murder of 15-year-old Antillean Kerwin Lucas Duinmeijer. What was the impact of the murder? And what is the history of this image? With a small version of the image, photos, documents and a short documentary, this mini-expo gives you more insight.

Queer Gaze Tour Sierra Durgaram
On Sunday July 30, Sierra Durgaram, as a young queer businesswoman of color, will give an intersectional Queer Gaze Tour through the exhibitions of the Amsterdam Museum. She will share a story based on objects from the current exhibitions. As a community space owner, she will talk about intentional spaces, creating safer spaces and the needs of queer, BPOC people. She will also give her personal opinion on a number of works from her Queer, black, brown and femme view.

Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel, Amstel 51