National Opera & Ballet scores with new BREEAM-NL certificate

Published on Tuesday, February 13News

National Opera & Ballet has achieved a new BREEAM-NL certification for its Decoratelier in Amsterdam South East.

Since 2019, the theater has been working with the BREEAM-NL method: an international quality mark that maps the sustainability of buildings, areas and business operations. In 2019, NO&B was the very first theater in the Netherlands to receive two BREEAM-NL certificates. National Opera & Ballet already scored ‘Good’ at the time, and although the criteria have now become stricter, the Decoratelier will now score ‘Very Good’ in 2023. The overall score in 2023 is therefore 20% higher than in 2019.

Solar panels, district heating and transport

The roof of the Decoratelier in Amsterdam South East offers space for 2000 m2 of solar panels and is connected to district heating, which reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 60% per year. Sustainability is also encouraged in the field of transport: with the use of an electric van, electric service bicycles, the installation of charging stations and special parking spaces for carpooling, NO&B facilitates green options for its employees.

The outdoor space of the Decoratelier was considered in consultation with an urban ecologist. Excess rainwater is temporarily collected in the landscaped gardens of 750 m2: this prevents flooding during heavy showers. Biodiversity is also stimulated by placing 50 sparrow boxes on the building. BREEAM-NL therefore rewards green facilities with an Exemplary Performance Point. The Decoratelier receives another Exemplary Performance Point for the storage of decor and costumes, where appreciation is expressed for the reuse of equipment and the digital storage system.

The focus of BREEAM-NL is on actual energy use and provides insight into how the use of a building relates to international climate objectives. National Opera & Ballet shows its sustainable ambitions with the higher score.

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