Museum of the Mind debuts at Venice Biennale

Published on Thursday, April 21News

Museum of the Mind makes its debut at the Venice Biennale with the pop-up exhibition ‘Democracy’. Inspired by the vision of Jan Hoek’s Outsiderwear, fashion designer and curator Duran Lantink fuses the talents of insiders and outsiders. In this exhibition everyone gets a voice. You don’t have to color within the lines. That’s ‘Democracy’.

The presentation that will be shown in Palazzo Mora from 23 April is a translation of the exhibition ‘Democracy’, which can now be seen in the Museum of the Mind in the Hermitage Amsterdam. The interactive video installations of Theater LeBelle shine in both Venice and Amsterdam and the public can also create their own visual world in Palazzo Mora.

The exhibition ‘Democracy’ can be seen in Amsterdam until September 3th.

Democracy, Museum of the Spirit, Amstel 51