Municipality supports Hortus with 900,000 euros for sustainable greenhouse

Published on Saturday, November 20News

Three-climate greenhouse becomes CO₂ neutral home for biodiversity

Last week, the Amsterdam city council approved a grant of 900,000 euros for the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam with the Drieklimatenkas project. With sustainability subsidies provided, the municipality of Amsterdam is contributing almost 1 million, making it one of the most important partners for the renovation of the Three Climate Greenhouse from 1993. The new greenhouse will be completely CO₂ neutral, with sustainable use of rainwater, energy and heat, and will tell the story of biodiversity and climate with three climate zones. The Hortus will be working on the project for the next four years. The opening of the new greenhouse is planned in the anniversary year of ‘Amsterdam 750 years’.

“The Hortus is incredibly happy with this generous support from the municipality. The story of climate and biodiversity is more a topic than ever. And what is a better place in Amsterdam to tell this story than in a sustainable greenhouse with plants from all over the world. If we can heat a tropical greenhouse in the heart of Amsterdam without gas, it can be done anywhere,” says Carlien Blok, director of the Hortus.

The Hortus already took a first step on this sustainable path in 2016 by linking the heat-and-cold system with the Hermitage Amsterdam. The Hortus receives the residual heat from the Hermitage for heating the greenhouses, and sends the cooled water back to cool the museum.

In addition to the municipality of Amsterdam, the Hortus itself, its Friends Association and various funds and donors contribute to the project. The financing has not yet been finalized, but the Hortus hopes that with this support from the municipality of Amsterdam, other subsidisers and funds will also come forward to make this unique project possible.

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