Meet Messy at KIT

Published on Thursday, February 10News

During the Dutch week of #circulareeconomy we have a special visitor at the KIT campus: Messy, the COPness monster. Made from 800 recycled Mud Jeans Messy calls attention to the need to make our economy more #circular.

We are happy for this chance to promote #circularity by hosting Messy, and we are sure that she feels well at home here! At the KIT campus we are already working hard to promote #sustainability and #circularity. For example KIT’s researchers recently published their research on the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT), while in our building SDG House members like Circle Economy are working hard to create a more #inclusive, #sustainable and #circular world.

We want to thank WaterBear Network for choosing our campus as a temporary home for Messy, and want to invite everyone to come by and #meetMessy! Read more about Messy at her webpage: