Marineterrein; from a closed military area to an open new city quarter

Published on Monday, September 25News

800 homes, a city park, many knowledge institutions and innovative companies; these are the plans for a lively, attractive Marineterrein.

The Marineterrein is an area with a beautiful location and a rich history. Many Amsterdam residents and visitors already like to come there to learn, work, live and recreate. Step by step, the area is opening up further. A new barrack will be built, which will take up less space than now. This will create space for the construction of approximately 800 homes, knowledge institutions and innovative companies, and the expansion of the current city park. In this way, a new city quarter is slowly emerging.

At the beginning of November, the municipal council will decide on the future of the Marineterrein. Local residents and stakeholders contributed ideas to the plans, which resulted in more contiguous greenery and limits on buildings.

Working on a healthy city
People at the Marineterrein have been working on innovation and smart solutions for a healthy and liveable city since 2013. It is an ideal place to test innovations before they enter the city.

More information on the project page of the municipality’s website.