Legacy to an organization or charity

Published on Monday, October 16News

Doctors Without Borders explains how.

People are increasingly choosing to donate (part of) their legacy to an organization or charity. A good cause can be included in a will. The organization or institution is then appointed as heir or receives a legacy. Very interesting for institutions and/or organizations from the Plantage neighborhood and many are already involved in this, including Doctors Without Borders. But how does MSF reach and inform their (potential) donors and ensure that they are included as an organization in the will?

Manager Frank Theunissen (and his team) initiated a series of meetings about legacy, the possibilities of donating and what you can do with an inheritance. During these meetings, two of which took place at their head office, they inform participants about the help they provide to people in crisis situations and in what special way participants can support this.

In addition, Doctors Without Borders also produced a Lifeline magazine that informs interested parties about such a decision and which phases you go through in such a process. Triggered and curious, take a look at their site and request the free magazine, or contact Frank and his team.

Doctors Without Borders, Plantage Middenlaan 14