Keti Koti in Het Tropenmuseum

Published on Monday, June 27News

Friday 1st of July we celebrate Keti Koti (“chains broken” in Sranantongo language). On this day in 1863 The Netherlands ended slavery in Surinam and former Netherlands Antilles. However, by law, people were forced to work for another ten years at the plantations. Until 1873, so next year it will only be 150 years ago.

Keti Koti will be celebrated with several activities in The Plantage, for example in Het Tropenmuseum.

For starters, visitors of the Keti Koti Festival in the Oosterpark next to Het Tropenmuseum, can visit the museum for free on Friday 1st of July. Go to this link to ‘buy’ free tickets! (available after Thursday 30 June 16.00 pm).

Furthermore The Tropenmuseum participates in Free Heri Heri. Heri Heri is a meal known as a prevalent dish cooked by many of enslaved ancestors on plantations around the world during the transatlantic slave trade. In remembrance of these ancestors and in commemoration of the abolishment of slavery by the Dutch Kingdom, ‘Free Heri Heri’ was created to bring awareness to this historic day. You can enjoy these free meals (maximum 500 are available!) outside in the garden of Café de Tropen, from 13.00 pm on Friday 1 July.

Are you in a creative mood? Then make your own Keti Koti button!

Enjoy Keti Koti in Het Tropenmuseum. Click here for more!