Join a Dutch, Italian, Spanish or Hebrew summer course at Taalhuis Amsterdam

Published on Friday, July 1News

The best place to learn a language is of course the country itself. Whether you want to order a drink at a bar, ask for directions or try to decipher a complex user manual; you will get completely immersed in the language. In the Netherlands it might be a bit more difficult though, as many Dutch people tend to respond in English. But luckily, our summer immersions are here to help! 


These summer courses take place between 18 July and 6 August, and consist of 5 days of 3 hours of lessons per day, with (usually) an activity at the end where you can practice what you have learned. We have Dutch, but also ItalianSpanish and Hebrew summer immersions, in which you can make a lot of progress within a short time. You’ll almost only speak in the target language, the groups are small, and the atmosphere is summery (hopefully, as we’re still in the Netherlands).


So if you still have one or two weeks off, you know how to spend it in a useful (and fun!) way. Here you can find more information about the schedule, locations and lessons.