In a little while De Plantage will locate another museum!

Published on Friday, April 29News

On Tuesday 10 May, Her Majesty Queen Máxima will open the second ARTIS museum, the Groote Museum, in the beautiful building on the corner of Artisplein and Plantage Middenlaan.

The ARTIS-Groote Museum will be open to the public from Thursday 12 May. The museum of big questions, that’s what it calls itself. The biggest question for now, what it looks like from the inside, remains unanswered for a while, but as soon as we have pictures we will of course publish it. The website is already online, and you can reserve your ticket. Children up to 12 years old are free. The entrance to the museum can be found next to the Chilean flamingos.

In this museum you experience the connection with yourself, your body and all other life in the world. You go on a personal expedition, crisscrossing the museum. You taste the future, test your emotion and discover, for example, how your intestines are connected to a carrot and a worm. Through animations, installations, works of art, films and stories you are held up to a mirror, you see different perspectives and you are confronted with questions. You make a personal expedition, crisscrossing the museum.

The historic rooms ‘Koningszaal’ en ‘Tijgerzaal’ in the stately building have also been renovated and are available for business events such as conferences, presentations and dinners.

Groote museum, Artisplein, Plantage Middenlaan 41, open; daily 10am-6pm and Thursdays until 10pm.